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Free yourself from the myth of being a perfect mother so you can create your life on your own terms

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I'm Sarah Babiker

Your Positive Psychology Coach

I am a passionate positive psychology coach, living in Dubai and offering my services to mothers worldwide.

I have been in the field of psychology for the last 10 years and have expertise in effectively coaching clients to achieve their goals.

Being a mother of two young children myself, I am well-versed in the rollercoaster of motherhood - from those first uncertain months after birth to navigating the daily pressures of raising children in an uncertain world.

It is my guiding belief that becoming a mum does not at all mean you have arrived at your final destination in life.  I believe that every mother has a true essence at her core, and that with the right guidance you can have a beautiful life beyond motherhood.

Using a combination of positive psychology coaching tools and powerful conversations, I help you to clear your mind so that you can determine exactly what you want out of life.  I show you your innate strengths and capabilities, enabling you to become more confident and motivated.  I help you identify and overcome the mental blocks that are in the way of you living a more authentic life.  Ultimately, I guide you to a place where you can move away from autopilot and live a life you chose.

You can choose from coaching packages or structured programmes when you book with me.  I will have a complimentary exploration session with you to hear your story and to help you determine the right way forward for you.

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